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Asam Padeh is a traditional Indonesian food which can be translated as “Sour and Spicy” dish. It is originally from the province of West Sumatra. As more people migrated from this area to Malaysia, this food is also well known in Malaysia. Asam Padeh is normally prepared for either Beef or Fish. The Seasoning Paste will be used by the customer to cook beef or fish.

Bumbu Asam Padeh

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  • What You Need:

    •1 lb. of beef/fish

    •Tomato (fresh cut), Basil (for fish only), 2 cups of water

    •1 Pack of this Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste

    Three Easy Steps:

    1.Heat the mixture of this Seasoning Paste with water until it is thickened.

    2.Add the beef/fish and continue cooking.

    3.Add Tomato and Basil (for fish only) when the beef/fish becomes half cook. Continue until the beef is tender or fish is fully cooked

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