Opor is a dish containing chicken cooked in coconut milk with various spices. It is originally from the province of Central Java, Indonesia. It is a popular item during the Eid Al-Fitr Celebration (major muslim holidays) for family originally from this province. To prepare Opor, customer needs to cook the seasoning paste with coconut milk until the coconut milk is thickened, then add the chicken into the mix, and continue cooking it with low heat.

Bumbu Opor

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  • What You Need:

    •1 lb. of chicken (meat only or with bone)

    •1 Can (440 ml) of Coconut Milk

    •1 Pack of this Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste

    Three Easy Steps:

    1.Heat the mixture of this Seasoning Paste with Coconut Milk until it is slightly thickened (avoid curdling).

    2.Add the chicken. Stir thoroughly until boiled.

    3.Simmer until the meat is cooked.