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One thing that made Indonesia famous
Long before anyone of us were born, around the 12th - 16th century, groups of foreigners visited the islands of Indonesia. They were looking for something that did not exists in their country, the spices. A spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food.
Combination that gives rich flavor on food
Indonesians have been very creative in mixing the spices to make seasoning paste. Various seasoning paste with unique taste were created. Some of these paste turned out to be what is known as the hot/spicy food, but some others are far from that characteristic. They are simply rich with abundant flavor. Rendang, Kari, Gulai, Opor, Sop, Soto to name a few, are some familiar authentic food among Indonesians which relies on these spices.
Home-based industry prepares the package for you
Based in the city of Palembang, Indonesia, a family established the home-based industry that creates the recipe, makes the paste and packages them. They are known as Bumbu Masak Hikmah Fajar (or Hikmah Fajar SeasoningPaste). Currently, 14 different flavor of seasoning pastes have been prepared. Rendang & Co, LLC, based in Tulsa, OK, imports them into the USA, following FDA guidelines, for you to enjoy.
Become an Instant Chef
Follow Few Easy Steps and Produce High Quality Authentic Indonesian Food
Preparing high-quality-authentic-Indonesian-Food no longer requires high cooking experience. Simply follow few easy steps provided on each package and amaze yourself with the food that you would proudly present at the dining table for your entire family
Enjoyment for the Whole Family
Make Family Dining Table Gathering an Event Nobody Want to Miss
Routine dining table gathering is proven to be a healthy event for family relationship. Present the food that is loved by everyone. Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste will definitely helps you in presenting such food. They will come back for more and they will look forward for the next gathering
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