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Bumbu Hikmah Fajar has been tested by many of our friends. In this page, you can see what they have said about different dishes they created using Bumbu Hikmah Fajar. 

Please send us your own comment and a picture when you make a dish and we will posted here as well.

Eid with Hikmah Fajar

Review by : Indri Bahar, Tulsa, OK

We have a tradition for open house during Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha whenever we celebrate Eid in Tulsa. Different authentic Indonesian food are always in the menu. It may be ketupat sayur, opor ayam, rendang daging, soto Padang, asam padeh, and much more. In the past years, I would start making the preparation, especially mixing various spices to get the "bumbu" (paste), long before the Eid comes. It takes so much of my time (but I do it passionately, anyway).

Things are very different starting this year. With the help of Bumbu Hikmah Fajar, there is no more time needed to mix the spices. They are all ready to use, and still, they give authentic Indonesian food like I used to do. I made Lontong Sayur using Bumbu Sambal Goreng Buncis, Beef Rendang with Bumbu Rendang, Chicken Curry using Bumbu Opor, and Boiled Egg Curry using Bumbu Lontong Anam.

The taste comes out to be excellent. Everybody loves it. There are about 100 people come the open house, and they are all enjoying the food. And for me, the best of all, it takes only 1 day for me to cook all of these meals. It really helps me in spending my Ramadan time wisely for more important thing to do what we should do in Ramadan. In fact, in addition to Eid, using Bumbu Hikmah Fajar, I have also been able to prepare the iftar in a very short time every single day during this Ramadan. May be you can try also, and see how these bumbu helps you in managing your time wisely.

Eid Menu with Bumbu Hikmah Fajar

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