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Ayam Goreng is Indonesian word for Fried Chicken. As we know there are so many ways to prepare for fried chicken. This one is the seasoning from province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The Seasoning Paste will be used by the customer to marinate the chicken before it is being fried. The marination is done by mixing the chicken with the seasoning paste followed by boiling them on low heat. Once marinated, the chicken is ready to be fried. Even though the name is for Fried Chicken, this seasoning paste can also be used with fish. Instead of frying, the chicken may also be grilled after being marinated with this seasoning paste

Bumbu Ayam Goreng

SKU: 8997213220085
  • What You Need:

    •1 lb. of thoroughly washed chicken

    •1 egg

    •1 Pack of this Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste

    Four Easy Steps:

    1.Cut chicken into few pieces.

    2.Mix this seasoning paste with chicken and stir well. Add egg and mix well.

    3.Cooked the mix on low heat and then cover the pot. Stir occasionally until the sauce is reduced and well absorbed by the chicken.

    4.Fry the chicken in the hot oil until gold brown.

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