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Kari is the Indonesian word for Curry. This is a common gravy sauce famous in many countries in Asia. The Kari seasoning paste provide the Indonesian version of the paste to make the yellow curry. It may be used to prepare Chicken or Beef Curry. Similar to other flavor, to prepare the curry dish, the user needs to cook coconut milk and this paste, and then add the meat.

Bumbu Kari

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  • What You Need:

    •1 lb. of beef/chicken

    •1 Can (440 ml) Coconut Milk

    •1 Pack of this Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste

    •Optional : Tomoto, Onion and Green Chili (Sliced/Cut)

    Three Easy Steps:

    1.Boil the meat with this seasoning paste until the meat becomes tender

    2.Add coconut milk and stir occasionally until boiled

    3.Add green chili, tomato, and onion before it is fully cooked (optional)

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