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Rendang is the name of a food originally from West Sumatra– Indonesia. Generally speaking, it is known as Beef with Coconut Milk. It was voted No. 1 of 50 World’s Best Food by the reader of CNN Travel. To make rendang, other than beef and coconut milk, we will need different kind of spices which must be mixed, grind, and cook. The cook-spices is known in Indonesian language as Bumbu or in English, Food Paste. Therefore, Rendang Food Paste means the food paste to make rendang. We intend to import Rendang Food Paste that was manufactured by a company named Hikmah Fajar – based in the city of Palembang, Indonesia. Using the available rendang food paste, customer can cook rendang by simply adding one package of Food Paste (100 gr), 1 lb of beef and 400 ml of coconut milk.

Bumbu Rendang

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  • What You Need:

    •1 lb. of beef/chicken (dice beef into about 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 1 ½”)

    •2 Can (880 ml) of Coconut Milk

    •1 Pack of this Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste

    Three Easy Steps:

    1.Heat the mixture of this Seasoning Paste with Coconut Milk until it is slightly thickened (avoid curdling).

    2.Add the meat. Cook on medium heat until the meat is tender. Stir occasionally.

    3.Lower the heat. Cook until the sauce is dry. Stir occasionally.

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