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Taste of Authentic Indonesian Culinary



* FDA Registered

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Hikmah Fajar Indonesia

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The Only Indonesian Restaurant in Tulsa, OK


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Open Daily

11.30 AM - 3PM, 5.30PM - 9 PM

except Monday (Closed)

Address :

5083 E. 51st St.

Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone : +1 - 918 - 551 - 6099

Proudly Presents
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Indonesian Specialty Coffee

* FDA Registered

Available to customer in the USA

For out-of USA customer, please visit

Kopi Ketjil Indonesia

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Rendang & Co is a food business company based in Tulsa, OK. It is founded in 2018 as an importer and distributor of Hikmah Fajar, an instant seasoning paste from Indonesia. The second product imported was the Indonesian Specialty Coffee produced by Kopi Ketjil. In Feb. 8, 2019, it launches the only Indonesian Restaurant in the city of Tulsa, OK, featuring Halal Food.



Food at Rendang & Co is based on the Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste that comes in 14 different flavors representing authentic delicacy of Indonesian culinary. This includes Rendang (World Best Food Voted by CNN Travel), Tekwan, Ayam Gulai, Opor, Sop Special,Kari, and much more. The coffee at Rendang & Co featuring 3 of top Indonesian Coffee produced by Kopi Ketjil. It includes Toraja, Mandailing and Gayo



The review for the Indonesian Bistro are available through different search engine such as Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, as well as at Social Media (e.g., Facebook). Meanwhile, the review of Hikmah Fajar Seasoning Paste is presented in this website. It is based on the review Indonesian Community in the USA. We welcome anyone to send their review (photo and comment) to be posted on our website.



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Taste of Authentic Indonesian Culinary

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