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Bumbu Hikmah Fajar has been tested by many of our friends. In this page, you can see what they have said about different dishes they created using Bumbu Hikmah Fajar. 

Please send us your own comment and a picture when you make a dish and we will posted here as well.

Bumbu Hikmah Fajar is My Ideal Seasoning Paste

Review of Bumbu Sop Special by Naih Soepangat - Arlington TX

(the original is written in Indonesian, the translation is given following the Indonesian version for our English speaker)

Dapat oleh2 dari yang empunya bisnis ini. Langsung dieksekusi. Bumbu pertama yang dicoba adalah sop special. Mengikuti aturan dalam kemasan diperlukan 1 kg daging. Saya pakai beef oxtail ditambah wortel dan celery. Air tentunya. Tanpa penambahan bumbu lainnya. Hasilnya memuaskan, rasanya pas. Mantap.

Bumbu Hikmah Fajar masuk kriteria bumbu ideal saya. Bumbunya sudah dihaluskan dan ditumis. Cukup meyakinkan untuk mencoba bumbu lainnya.

(Now the English translation)

I received Bumbu Hikmah Fajar as a gift from the owner of this business, and I immediately executed it. The first paste that I tried was Sop Special. I followed the direction on the package using 1 kg of meat. I used oxtail, and also added carrot and celery (and water, of course!). I did not add any other spices. The result was satisfying, the flavor just right. Thumbs up!

Hikmah Fajar seasoning paste fulfills the criteria of my ideal seasoning paste. The spices is already ground in the form of paste and is already sautéed. It is convincing to try other flavors of the Hikmah Fajar seasoning paste.

Oxtail Soup made using Bumbu Sop Special by Naih Soepangat

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