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Bumbu Hikmah Fajar has been tested by many of our friends. In this page, you can see what they have said about different dishes they created using Bumbu Hikmah Fajar. 

Please send us your own comment and a picture when you make a dish and we will posted here as well.

It is always available in our kitchen

Review of Bumbu Opor by Naih Soepangat, TX

(The original version in Bahasa Indonesia)

Opor ayam adalah salah satu jenis masakan Indonesia yang sangat kami gemari. Dengan bantuan bumbu jadi hikmah fajar, dalam waktu cepat sudah terhidang dimeja makan. Keunggulannya bumbu ini adalah sangat praktis penggunaannya. Selalu tersedia didapur kami karena mudah dan nikmat.

(The English Translation)

Opor ayam is one of the Indonesian cuisines that we really like. With the help of Hikmah Fajar seasoning paste, the dish is available instantly on the table. One of the advantages of this seasoning paste is its very practical use. Hikmah Fajar seasoning paste is always available in our kitchen because it is practical and delicious.

Opor Ayam made using Bumbu Opor From Hikmah Fajar Paste

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