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Bumbu Hikmah Fajar has been tested by many of our friends. In this page, you can see what they have said about different dishes they created using Bumbu Hikmah Fajar. 

Please send us your own comment and a picture when you make a dish and we will posted here as well.

Taco Rendang??? Does it even exist?

Review of Bumbu Rendang by Keukeu Abdullah, Fayetteville, AR

(The original version in Bahasa Indonesia)

Taco rendang pakai bumbu Hikmah Fajar.

Maaf ya maksa soalnya lagi ada bahan itu: ground beef, lettucce, tomat and cheese. Tapi enak lhoooo!!!!

(The English Translation)

Beef taco using Hikmah Fajar seasoning paste. I know it didn’t sound right, but those were the ingredients that I had in the kitchen: ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. But it was still delicious!!!

Taco Rendang. Yes, that can be created easily using Bumbu Rendang Hikmah Fajar

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